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Welcome to the Podcasting Homepage

I’m not sure I would use this format for collecting data. I am still attracted to the google docs forms since the information is collected yet  not public. I still have a chance to edit the results that way. But, this might work all right as a display format for the MP3s. I could just have a link to the google docs form somewhere.

I do like the ease of the flash players though, so I might use blogger to display the podcasts. I could just hold all of the files on my webpage without bothering to use dropbox too.

If it were an actual page, there would be a message for the participants here.

To see your assignment, click on your hour above and scroll to the very bottom of the page.

To post your podcast, create a new post and be sure to categorize it under your class hour.

To comment on a post, go to the class link above and then find your assigned podcast. When you click on the link to the MP3, minimize the page that comes up so you can see the written version as you listen to it. Leave a comment answering the provided questions.


Here is a sample podcast I made and placed in my dropbox.

The written version would go here.

This is a podcasting assignment. It will be stored under the 1st hour category, and all podcasts turned in for this assignment should also be posted to the general blog, but categorized under 1st Hour. When comments are made, they will easily be tracked.

This is a public blog, so do not include any personal information like your name. Only include the link to your podcast and the written version of your speech in your post.